Monday, August 10, 2009

Dreamdark: Blackbringer by Laini Taylor

Dreamdark: Blackbringer by Laini Taylor
Release Date/Version: May 2009/Paperback
Publisher: Firebird
Pages: 437
Age Group: Young Adult

Magpie Windwitch, granddaughter of the West Wind, is not like other faeries. While most of her kind live in tranquil seclusion deep in their forests, escaped devils are creeping back into the world after millennia of imprisonment, and Magpie is all that stands in their way. With her faithful clan of crows, she travels the world hunting down bloodthirsty snags, just as her hero, Bellatrix, did 25,000 years ago.

This hunt will take her back to the great forest of Dreamdark, a place of legends and Djinn, cunning imps and tattooed warriors, where she must unravel the mystery of the greatest enemy her folk have ever known. Will the determination of one small faerie be enough to defeat the impenetrable darkness that threatens to unmake the world?

This book was absolutely amazing. The premise itself was so enthralling and captivating that I couldn't put the book down for a minute. I mean, this little tiny faerie is a devil hunter and she has to save her people from a devil that exudes hunger and darkness. How cool is that? I've never heard of anything similar to this, so I found it very intriguing. The pace of the book is great. There's always a new tidbit of information that makes you want to keep on reading. The twists and turns were never ending; I never guessed correctly about what would happen. Dreamdark: Blackbringer was packed full of continuous action and there was even a hint of romance. There were literally two plots twisted into one: Magpie's discovery of herself and the secrets surrounding her, and the quest to defeat the terrible devil. It was expertly done in this first novel of Dreamdark.

Dreamdark: Blackbringer is by far one of the best books of 2009 that I've read thus far. The quirky characters and their charming dialect had me laughing, but the action and suspense had me cheering for little Magpie. Laini Taylor has created an excellent new world filled with mystery, romance, action, and a strong heroine that everyone can enjoy.

Overall: This book is absolutely amazing and will capture the attention of young and old, fantasy lovers and fantasy weary. Thus far, if you could read only book in 2009, this would be it.

My Advice: Run, I mean run(!) to your local bookstore, not the library, so that you can have your own copy. You'll want to read this and reread it and reread it and reread it once more in anticipation for Dreamdark: Silksinger, the next book in this amazing series.

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