Sunday, October 25, 2009

In My Mailbox (11)

IMM is a weekly meme that explores the contents of one's mailbox. IMM was started by Kristi at The Story Siren. Sorry I haven't been around in so long everyone! School's keeping me busy, and my internet's been down.

Andromeda Klein by Frank Portman
(HC/August 2009/Delacorte Press)

Andromeda Klein has a few problems.

Her hair is kind of horrible.

Her partner-in-occultism, Daisy, is dead.

Her secret, estranged, much older, and forbidden boyfriend-in-theory has gone AWOl.

And her mother has learned how to text.

In short, things couldn't get much worse. Until they do. Daisy seems to be attempting to make contact from beyond, books are starting to disappear from the library, and strangely and suddenly, Andromeda's tarot readings have begun to predict events with bizarrely literal accuracy.

Omens are everywhere. Dreams; swords; fires; hidden cards; lost, broken, and dead cell phones... and what is Daisy trying to tell her?

In the ensuing struggle of neutral versus evil, it's Andromeda Klein against the world, modern society, demonic forces, and the "Friends" of the Library.

I received this from the publisher in order to write a review for Teens Read Too. They also sent along a postcard and a cool CD that has four songs on it, three from King Dork and one from Andromeda Klein, as well as a Q&A session with Frank Portman and a sneak peak at Going Bovine.

I got some other really great things as well this week. I recently won a contest for a a prize pack of James Patterson books. I came home to a nice big box filled with:

Maximum Ride: Max, Angel Experiment, School's Out - Forever, Saving the World and Other Extreme Sports, The Final Warning, Manga
The Dangerous Days of Daniel X
Daniel X: Watch the Skies

I also received The Book of Luke and Lips Touch from Paperback Swap. Oh, and Simon & Schuster sent me another Hush, Hush poster for some reason.


  1. Lips Touch is amazing (I reviewed it yesterday on my blog). Read it NOW!

  2. Cool prize. You'll have some fun reading.


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