Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Award Time!

The lovely Kaylyn of Darling Reviews has passed on the Happy 101 award to me. Thanks so much!

Here are the rules it comes with:
List 10 things that make you happy.
Try and do at least one of them today.
Tag 10 bloggers that brighten your day.
Link back to the person that tagged you.

Things that make me happy:
1. Finishing a book because I get to choose a new one!
2. Insightful comments and new followers.
3. Hugs - real ones, not one arm hugs. Those are terrible.
4. Getting mail!
5. Chocolate milk
6. Laughing until my stomach cramps, tears are running down my cheeks, and I can't breathe.
7. Watching endless amounts of Lost.
8. Hanging out with my family, as well as my best friend's family. I've got two awesome families!
9. Wearing a pretty outfit. It makes me feel good about myself, and you always get compliments.
10. Random acts of kindness. I love when people I don't know very well give me hugs, strike up a conversation, or simply smile.

I would like to pass this award onto:
1. Juju at Tales of Whimsy
2. Jessica at Reading is Sexy
3. Jenny at Wondrous Reviews
4. Steph Su at Steph Su Reads
5. Misty at Book Rat
6. Morgan at BLT
7. Aimee at my fluttering heart
8. Becky at The Bookette
9. Chelsea at The Page Flipper
10. Elie at Ellz Readz


  1. OMG
    Thank you so much!
    This is awesome!

    PS I am SO with you on 4, 7, 9, & 10!

  2. Thank you!! This is awesome! :-D

    I agree with almost all of your list...except I don't watch Lost. But besides that, I am right there with you!

    Which one did you do today?

  3. You guys totally deserve it!

    @Jessica- Hmm, today I did quite a few. Hugs, chocolate milk, wore something pretty, random acts of kindness, family stuff. I did at least 5! It was a good day. Oh, laughed 'til my cheeks hurt. Man, it was a good day! =D

  4. Awww...thanks so much. I love your blog. I shall make more of an effort to give insightful comments. I try but I know I don't always succeed. Thanks again.

  5. Thank you!! Yay! I love your blog. :)


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