Saturday, March 13, 2010

In My Mailbox (30)

IMM is a weekly meme that explores the contents of one's mailbox. IMM was started by Kristi at The Story Siren. Descriptions are from Amazon and book covers.

For Review:

Whisper by Phoebe Kitanidis
(ARC/Releases April 2010/Balzer + Bray)

Joy is used to Hearing Whispers - to walking down the street and instantly knowing people's deepest, darkest desires. She uses this talent for good, to make people happy and give them what they want. But for her older sister, Jessica, the family gift is a curse and she uses it to make people's lives - especially Joy's - miserable. Still, when Joy Hears a mysterious and frightening Whisper from Jessica's own mind, she knows she has to save her sister, even if it means running away with a boy she barely knows - a boy who may have a dark secret of his own.

I'm reading this right now, and I'm really enjoying it! Phoebe Kitanidis's debut novel is wonderful so far. And I love the cover!

The Family Greene by Ann Rinaldi
(ARC/Releases May 2010/Harcourt)

Cornelia Greene is fed up with gossip about her mother. Caty Littlefield Greene was once a beautiful young bride who lifted the troops’ spirits at Valley Forge, but Cornelia knows that rumors of Caty’s past indiscretions hurt Nathanael Greene, Cornelia’s adored father. Yet Caty claims that she’s just a flirt, and that flirting is a female necessity—a woman’s only means of power.

Cornelia’s concern with her mother’s reputation abruptly fades to the background when she learns that Nathanael Greene may not be her father. As she searches for the truth, she makes unexpected discoveries that lead her to a new understanding of love and family.

Historical fiction - I'm so excited! This is my favorite genre, and I haven't even touched on it this year. So looking forward to this one.

Hearts at Stake by Alyxandra Harvey
(PB/December 2009/Walker)

On Solange’s sixteenth birthday, she is going to wake up dead. As if that’s not bad enough, she also has to outwit her seven overprotective older brothers, avoid the politics involved with being the only daughter born to an ancient vampire dynasty, and elude Kieran Black—agent of an anti-vampire league who is searching for his father’s killer and is intent on staking Solange and her entire family.

Luckily she has her own secret weapon—her human best friend Lucy—who is willing to defend Solange’s right to a normal life, whether she’s being smothered by her well-intentioned brothers or abducted by a power-hungry queen. Two unlikely alliances are formed in a race to save Solange’s eternal life—Lucy and Solange’s brother Nicholas, and Solange and Kieran Black—in a dual romance that is guaranteed to jump start any romance-lover’s heart.

I've been dying to read this! I did a Wishlist Wednesday post on it, so I was super excited to see it as an option on the tour website.

The Star Shack by Lila Castle
(ARC/Releases June 2010/Sourcebooks Fire)

Pete and Annabelle live for their summers together on Gingerbread Beach. They've always believed they were a perfect pair… until junior year, when Annabelle becomes obsessed with astrology. Now they can hardly stand each other. Pete thinks that Annabelle (a Leo) has become a total flake; Annabelle thinks Pete (a Scorpio) has become an uptight jerk.

When Annabelle dares Pete to open a summer business on the Boardwalk generating personalized horoscopes, their fast-paced, hilarious bickering soon rises to a fever pitch. The he-said/she-said advice of the Star Shack is wildly popular and seems able to fix any relationship problem… except their own.

But when one of Annabelle's star charts helps catch a thief, Pete might have to admit that the stars could really hold the key to the future… and to his own heart.

I'm so excited for this! I really enjoy astrology as a fun past time, so this is sure to catch my interest. This book and all of the ones listed above were received from Around The World Tours.

I had a great week! What about you?


  1. I really enjoyed Hearts At Stake (although I have it the UK title of My Love Lies Bleeding) so I hope you enjoy it. :)

  2. Hearts at Stake is AWESOME! Enjoy! (:

  3. Hearts at stake looks really cute! Hope you enjoy reading it. :)

  4. Great week. Whisper was amazing. Can't wait to see what you think. Happy reading.

  5. Nice books. Happy reading! My mailbox is at The Crowded Leaf.

  6. Oo! I like Ann Rinaldi's historical fiction! Looking forward to your reviews :)

  7. I finished Whisper a few weeks ago, and I really enjoyed it. Enjoy your books, and happy reading!

  8. These look good -- enjoy! By the way, I love your blog background. It's so pretty.

  9. Whisper looks really good! I'm looking forward to it, too. Hope to check back soon and read your review!

  10. Great books! I really liked Whisper and <3 Ann Rinaldi. Enjoy!

  11. The Star Shack looks awesome, enjoy!

    Check out my mailbox for the week :)

  12. I've never read any of these, but they do look interesting! I'm a new follower :)

    My mailbox is here!

  13. Great books. I really wanna read Whisper and Hearts at Stake.


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