Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hey everyone. Lately, as you may have noticed, my posts have been lacking. This, unfortunately, may be the case for a bit longer. I'm going through an insanely busy month. I play both lacrosse and soccer. I have lacrosse practice five days a week, occasionally substituting a game and adding in team dinners, plus soccer practice three days a week. Then I have one or two soccer games on the weekends. And school - getting ready for those awesome AP exams and the end of a quarter. Oh yeah, then there's my real life. Friends, blogging, reading...all of that. As you can see, blogging's taking a back seat temporarily. I will try to post, more often on the weekends especially. In the meantime, know that I'm not abandoning you and thanks for your support!


  1. Wow you really have a busy schedule, but as long as you enjoy it. :-) Don't worry, we'll be there! :-)

  2. Your life sounds like a huge amount of hectic fun. To an English girl, it sounds like the all American dream. (I know that sounds a little crazy). Good luck with your exams McKenzie. See you on the flip side!

  3. I simply do not know how you do it all! You're amazing. We'll all still be here so don't worry about focussing on other things. Good luck with those exams, I'm sure you will ROCK!
    Love from Hazel x

  4. I totally hear you on the busyness. Been thinking of taking a step back from blogging myself, to make sure my academics don't fall behind. Good luck on everything! I can't even imagine being a two-sport student-athlete; one is already hard enough!


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