Friday, May 21, 2010

Spring: Why I Love It

Spring is in the air! Here in Oregon the flowers are popping up, exploding their wonderful colors. The baby animals are crawling around. We have four baby lambs this year. The sun is coming out, and everyone's happy. I love spring. Why? Because...

1. The days get warmer. You can still wear pretty scarves and jackets, but not you can wear skirts and dresses just because!

Spring inspires me to look nicer and try a little harder. Who doesn't want to wear a pretty, flouncy skirt on a warm day? No more drab colors. Bring on the reds, oranges, blues, and yellows! Spring brings out the vibrant hues of life. Sandals, flip flops, bright jewelry. Things that make you happy.

2. Driving with the windows down. Breezy music pumping from the speakers with as much bass as possible. Singing along. Random road trips for no reason.

You know how much fun it is. Driving nowhere, your best friend in the other seat. Listening to calm, sweet music. Your hair is flying, your hand is out the window. You smile for no reason. You're extra warm. The sun filters through the window, no breeze to make you cold.

3. Thunder and lightning storms!

You can see the storms coming hours ahead of time. The clouds are swirly and tall. It's always warm out, and the flashes streak across the sky. I love the colors involved: black, purple, blue, and white. The noise is powerful and strong. Storms are the best.

4. Everyone's happy!

Whenever the sun comes out, people are instantly happy. Here in Oregon, we go through about nine months of cold, wet, rainy weather before spring comes. On that first day of sunshine, everyone eats outside, chatters endlessly, and smiles nonstop. A lot of people suffer from seasonal depression, so it's wonderful to get some vitamin D. In the spring you can sit outside, tan, and read a book. I love spring!

What about you? What's your favorite part of spring?

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  1. Beautiful post! I'm a summer baby so the warm weather practically brings me back to life every year! Now that I'm a mother, my favorite part of spring is being able to get out the house and play!

  2. I also love thunderstorms!!! They're probably my favorite part :)


  3. Yeah, I love the thunderstorms too! I like being able to curl up and safely watch thunderstorms. Not a fan of the just-normal rain though. That's too dreary for my taste. I'm not sure what my favorite thing about spring is: I just like it cuz it's so pretty and warm!

    And you have lambs?? You should do a post about them, or just your life in general! I'd love to know about that!

  4. Loved your list. Life is so different in Florida. Winter is my favorite time.


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