Thursday, July 8, 2010

Mini Reviews (3)

Mini Reviews is composed of, well, small reviews. These will likely be books I read forever ago or didn't enjoy a whole lot, but did finish. These reviews will be short and sweet.

What a fun story! Jenna was easy to relate to, and her encounters with the boys were at times adventurous, as well as heated. Sometimes I had a bit of trouble distinguishing one boy form the other, which could be a bit confusing. I enjoyed the ecofriendly and rustic twists. Good ending, but I enjoyed McDonald's first book more.

This is by far the most interesting nonfiction book I've ever read. The story was both compelling and heartbreaking. I learned so much, and now I could tell you anything about Henrietta Lacks and her cells. I encourage anyone who has an interest in science or ethics to check this out.

The Beautiful Between by Alyssa B. Sheinmel

Jeremy and Connelly had a gorgeous relationship, one that started out as friends and progressed into more. They completely trusted each other, and their time together was simple and right. The addition of Jeremy's sick sister propelled this short book forward. I enjoyed Connelly's growth. And that cover is beautiful.

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