Saturday, November 7, 2009

Award and Interview Time

This week, the lovely Lorelei of Tattooed Books passed on the Honest Scrap award to me. Thanks so much!

The Honest Scrap award is dedicated to bloggers who write truthfully from the heart. You're then supposed to pass off the award to a handful of other deserving bloggers, and post ten honest statements about yourself.

I'm passing it onto:
1. Aimee at My Fluttering Heart
2. Adele at Persnickety Snark
3. Juju at Tales of Whimsy

10 honest statements:
1. I'm incredibly afraid of the dark. And heights. I get dizzy when I'm up high.
2. I love thunder and lightning storms. They're so much fun.
3. I go through book moods. Sometimes I crave raw emotion, other times I just want comedic fluff.
4. I actually enjoy school for the most part. I love that there's a never ending supply of knowledge.
5. I really enjoy unexplained mysterious. You know, UFOs, Big Foot, the Lochness Monster.
6. I can't stand scary/gory movies. I've probably only watched about 4 scary movies in 16 years. 7. I love autumn. The smells and colors are gorgeous.
8. I have 13 sheep.
9. I'm a great bargain hunter. I don't remember the last time I bought something at full price.
10. I'm terrible about returning and answering phone calls. I don't answer my phone unless someone leaves a message.

One more thing. The awesome Steph Su at Steph Su Reads featured me as her Friday Featured Blogger here. Thanks for the great interview Steph!


  1. Oi. Thanks babe for the award - I love that one, I'm so proud you see me as being an honest blogger!!

    I'll be posting about my awards received lately soon, so you'll be featured and I can say a proper thank you on my blog and pass them on to some worthy recipients.




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