Sunday, November 1, 2009

Super Special (Last) Saturday!

Last Saturday I was lucky enough to attend Jay Asher's speech at the Eugene Public Library. His speech was all about the writing process, where the idea for 13 Reasons Why came from, and the publishing process. There was a lot of interesting information. Plus, he was really funny! He definitely didn't seem like the kind of guy to write about such a heavy subject.

Afterwards, I was lucky enough to have him sign my copy of 13 Reasons Why! How exciting. Here I am with him:

Well, it's an ok picture of me. Not great. haha


Now on to Part 2 of my Super Special (Last) Saturday! So, I walk into the room where the talk is taking place, and I look for a nice (read: normal) person to sit next too. Well, there was this friendly looking lady sitting down, by herself at the moment, so I decided to sit next to her. She instantly said "Hi" with a big smile on her face. Phew, good choice. It just gets better from there.

A friend of hers came and sat on the other side of her. All of a sudden, the lady I'm sitting next to opens up her bag, takes out an ARC of The Naughty List, and signs it (!!!!!!!!!) for the girl who just sat down. OMG, I'm sitting next to freaking Suzanne Young, author of The Naughty List!!! So I calmly turn to her, and ask her if she's the author of The Naughty List. Of course she says yes, and I tell her that I've been dying to read it because I've heard about it online and it looks amazing. Then, get this, she says something along the lines of "Really? Well, I have an extra copy if you'd like one." ?!?! Would I like one?!? So now, I've got signed and personalized copies of both 13 Reasons Why and The Naughty List! Crazy, right? I'm so glad I sat next to her. :)

Three words: Best. Saturday. Ever!


  1. Wow lucky seat choice!! The Naughty List looks amazing(:

  2. haha wow that must of been so cool you are one lucky person.

  3. I wished that happened to me! That's so awesome!!! I agree with Kelsey, The Naughty List look amazing =]

  4. Cute story. Isn't Suzanne one of those infectiously fun personalities? I met her when Jay came to my HS to talk last spring. Hummm, sounds like he is the key to lots of sightings of Suzanne.... lol Oh, I am readling Hold Still right now also!

    I reviewed TNL on

    Cheers and good luck on author sightings! Joan

  5. I think you pretty much made Suzanne's day, knowing about her book and who she was! And how cool that she just happen to have an extra ARC!! Your lucky day! :)

  6. Lisa is so right. You totally made my day!! I hope you like the book!

    And now you have another famous author on your blog! Lisa's books are GREAT!!


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