Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mini Reviews (1)

Mini Reviews is composed of, well, small reviews. These will likely be books I read forever ago or didn't enjoy a whole lot, but did finish. These reviews will be short and sweet.

Friends Forever by Mary Ann McRaney
Eh, not good. It was definitely not YA. It needed more editing. The story was repetitive, and certain phrases were used constantly. Very little identifiable plot. Odd ending. Skip it.

Queen of Secrets by Jenny Meyerhoff
Boring plot, somewhat annoying characters. I thought the element of religion might add some interest, but it really didn't. Essie was self-centered and too focused on being popular. She redeemed herself a bit in the end, but it wasn't anything special. The book was just okay, but ultimately forgettable.

The Seven Rays by Jessica Bendinger
I actually quite enjoyed this one. The premise was interesting, and the plot was quick. Yes, the main character was a bit immature, but that's life. I know lots of immature people, so it actually seems more true to life that way. I enjoyed Beth's love interest. Her powers were awesome, and I loved the mystery behind the book! Crazy ending. Looking forward to a sequel.

Reel Culture by Mimi O'Connor
Very quick read. Fun for those who need to polish their knowledge of movies. Enjoyable quotes, summaries, and popular references. Makes me want to watch some classics!

Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens
Definitely my least favorite of Laurens' books. The plot was slow and not all that exciting. It was too much of a telling book, rather than a showing book, if you know what I mean. I felt that Abria, the main character's sister who had a mental disability, was almost used as a crutch. I didn't really like the way her sister was portrayed. It felt off. The ending was about all I liked. I won't be picking up the sequel.


  1. I love these honest mini reviews. Thank you :)

  2. thanks for these quick reviews! I'll have to check out a few, like The Seven Rays. But i'll also pass on some, too

  3. Thanks for the reviews, I now have a few that I'll be avoiding. I also have an award for you on my blog here:

  4. oops, I think I sent the wrong link, here's the right one:


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