Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist (18)

This post is inspired by Stargirlreads at Books Make Great Lovers. In Wishlist Wednesday, I'll showcase a book that may or may not be out yet that I would love to review and cannot wait to read! Links and descriptions are from Goodreads. Here's what's on my wishlist this week:

Crossing Over
by Anna Kendall

Whether it's a curse, or a blessing, or an ability, the fact remains: whenever Roger is injured or in enough pain he crosses over to the land of the dead. Once there, there are rules: only the newly dead will talk, for example, and nothing will raise the longer dead from their tranquillity.

There are rules in the land of the living as well; rules which would have Roger hanged for witchcraft if he was ever caught. But refusing to cross over isn't an option. His uncle depends on Roger to hide under the table in their fairground act, listen to the recently bereaved asking questions of their dear departed, and then cross over to find the answers. It's a hard way of life, made all the harder as his uncle's fists usually provide the trigger for Roger to cross over.

It's not the only way of life, though, and when Roger sees a chance to escape he fights for it - little knowing that love, loss, shocking revelations and, ultimately, war lie ahead of him.

Just because Roger can cross over into the land of the dead doesn't mean he wants to.

Reasons I want to read this:
1. As with all of my picks, again, look at that cover. Gorgeous.
2. What an amazing concept.
3. I have a feeling it will be a bit historical and a lot paranormal, a great combination.
4. It's one of those books I simply feel I have to read.


  1. I really want to read this one too. I absolutely love the cover. It's gorgeous. Great Wednesday Wishlist pick!


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