Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Wednesday Wishlist (22)

This post is inspired by Stargirlreads at Books Make Great Lovers. In Wishlist Wednesday, I'll showcase a book that may or may not be out yet that I would love to review and cannot wait to read! Links and descriptions are from Goodreads. Here's what's on my wishlist this week:

Dark Water
by Laura McNeal

Fifteen-year-old Pearl DeWitt and her mother live in Fallbrook, California, where it’s sunny 340 days of the year, and where her uncle owns a grove of 900 avocado trees. Uncle Hoyt hires migrant workers regularly, but Pearl doesn’t pay much attention to them . . . until Amiel. From the moment she sees him, Pearl is drawn to this boy who keeps to himself, fears being caught by la migra, and is mysteriously unable to talk. And after coming across Amiel’s makeshift hut near Agua Prieta Creek, Pearl falls into a precarious friendship—and a forbidden romance.

Then the wildfires strike. Fallbrook—the town of marigolds and palms, blood oranges and sweet limes—is threatened by the Agua Prieta fire, and a mandatory evacuation order is issued. But Pearl knows that Amiel is in the direct path of the fire, with no one to warn him, no way to get out. Slipping away from safety and her family, Pearl moves toward the dark creek, where the smoke has become air, the air smoke.

Reasons I want to read this:
1. That cover is stunning
2. Sounds unlike anything I've read before
3. Based on the description, I get the feeling the writing will be gorgeous. "The town of marigolds and palms, blood oranges and sweet limes." Isn't that evocative?


  1. I hadn't heard of this before, but it's definitely been added to the TBR pile! Thanks for sharing. (:

  2. Nice pick! I have to agree, the cover is stunning!

  3. I love this cover!
    I love that line.
    Something about the shadow is eerie = another plus!

    Here is my WOW


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